Competition Rules

The competition will be done the first day of the festival at the ****S Hotel SB BCN Events.

All the performances will be recorded with 4 cameras and beautiful pictures will be taken by brazilian photographer Pedro Bonatto.

Orientalísimo World Cup Grand Prix

Orientalísimo Weekend scores as Grand Prix for the Orientalísimo World Cup 2022.

See the rules of the Orientalísimo World Cup on our page


The absolute winner of the professional category will teacher at "Orientalísimo Weekend 2023" will travel expenses and accommodation paid by the organization. Find the full list of prizes for all the nominations here.


Participants can register for the following categories based on the age and level:

  • Professional. Dancers performing with professional level on stage
  • Advanced. Dancers in advanced level or semi-professional
  • Amateur. Adult dancers from beginner to intermediate level
  • Teen. Reserved for dancers from 13 to 17 years
  • Junior. Junior category, reserved for children up to 12 years

Depending on the number of participants per category and nomination, the organization may decide to merge the categories.


The following nominations are elegible. A video may be required to check your level, in case the video is required, please, submit the video to

Raks Sharki

Mejance, Classical Song/Tharab.

Categories: Open to all the categories.

Pop Song

Categories: Open to all the categories

Drum Solo CD

Categories: Open to all the categories

Drum Solo Improvisation

Artem Uzunov will play darbuka for Professional dancers. Pedro Bonatto will be the percussionist for the other categories.

Categories in this nomination:

  • Professional: VERY LIMITED SPOTS! Only for professional level dancers already registered for Raks Sharki nomination.
  • Advanced
  • Teen
  • Junior


(Egyptian and non-Egyptian: Baladi, Shaabi; Saidi, Eskanderani, Ghawazee, Haggalla, Siwa, Nubia, Simsimia, Bambouti, Muwashahat; Khaleegi, Iraki, Dabke, Morocco...


  • Professional
  • Advanced
  • Teen
  • Junior


Any style mixed with belly dance is allowed.


  • Professional
  • Advanced


Raks Sharki, Folklore and Fusion are allowed.


  • Professional
  • Advanced

Duos and Groups may be merged if not enough participants are registered


Raks Sharki, Folklore and Fusion are allowed.


  • Professional
  • Advanced

Duos and Groups may be merged if not enough participants are registered


The jury for Groups, Advanced and Professional categories will be:

  • Aida Bogomolova
  • Brenda
  • David Abraham
  • Iana Komarnytska

The jury for Junior, Teen and Amateur categories will be:

  • Alina Babayan
  • Guillermo Nassim
  • Julia Yakovyuk
  • Margarita Fedorova


The stage will measure 6x4 or 7x5, depending on the max size of the groups, covered by moquette/linoleum and accessible from left side, from the audience standing point.

Music Rules

Music must be sent to before March 18th in MP3, specifying whether the music will start with you on stage or you will enter the stage after the music.

Be sure to meet the rules written below. Please, bring a copy of the music with you in a Pendrive.



  • Advanced / Professional: 3 minutes
  • Junior/Teen/Amateur: 2 minutes 30 seconds

The organization may cut the track after around 10 seconds if not respected.

Styles: the style must be chosen according to the nomination where it’s going to be danced. In Raks Sharki, drum solo can’t exceed 50% of the time.

Duos and Groups

Duration: up to 3 minutes 30 seconds (the organization will cut the track 10 seconds afterwards if not respected)

Styles: any style valid in Raks Sharki and folklore is accepted. Drum solo can’t exceed 50% of the time.

Drum Solo Improvisation

The music will be played by Artem Uzunov / Pedro Bonatto on stage, the dancer will have up to 2 minutes to show her skills improvising. If the dancer doesn't mark the end of the performance on time, the drummer will do.

Evaluation Criteria

The jury will give an individual score from 1 to 10 for the following criteria. The performance score will be the average of all criteria from each member of the jury:

  • Technique
  • Interpretation
  • Choreography
  • Image

Each member of the jury will be able to write down observations for each performance, besides the score.

In case of draw, the organization reserves the right of deciding the winner.


Please, fill out this form before March 2022.

The Full Experience and the Full Pass registrations include participation in one soloist nomination plus group. Each additional nomination also costs 30€.

For other types of registration, the amount to be paid for the registration will depend on the number of workshops:

Soloists: The registration for the competition costs €60, minus a discount of €20 for each workshop taken. Contestants may apply for more than one nomination, each additional nomination costs 30€.

Duos: Each participant of the group has to take one workshop. The workshop taken for this purpose doesn’t count for the discount on soloist competition.

Groups: Each participant of the group has to take one workshop.


50% of the payment is required before March to be registered. The payment can be done online or via bank transfer. The rest can be payed at the reception point of the festival, the first day of the festival before 15:00

Please, before payment fill out the registration form.